Perseo Matrix, the customised automated warehouse that makes production orderly, fast and flexible

Custom-built not only in size, but above all in functionality. These are the winning features of Perseo automatic warehouses already adopted by many major brands in the fashion industry.

Tailor-made automatic warehouses for the leather, rubber and textile manufacturing industries. Since 2013, with its customised solutions, the Perseo system guarantees efficient internal logistics operations and allows articles to be stored safely, with the aim of solving time, method and space problems. Thanks to the possibility of being connected to each company’s management system, the Perseo automated warehouse is the ideal solution for automating and optimising work.

They say from the company in Prato: “Customisation in automation is the distinctive feature of Perseo Matrix automatic warehouses. The systems are made according to the customer’s needs, both in terms of external dimensions and the design of the trays, designed for the objects they are intended for. We do not impose our way of working, but try to automate the process already in place in the company”. 

One of the most appreciated patented features of Perseo’s automatic warehouses (particularly by the sole manufacturers, but not only) is the single tray, which with its matrix system, combined with the height detector, allows flexibility in handling objects of different sizes at the same time, optimising space, with high picking and storage speed, and very low energy consumption. Completely earthquake-proof and thermostatically controlled, they can be installed both inside and outside companies. 

Several automations make Perseo warehouses even more attractive. The Automatic Recognition, the Automatic Roller Conveyor and the Preheating Oven are some of the perfect solutions to significantly improve production times. They are in fact solutions developed to solve specific customer requirements. The Pneumatic Manipulator, on the other hand, is excellent for those who want to manage their parts warehouse, because it makes picking and storage fully automatic according to the work list or bill of materials. A concentrate of technology and customisation that has already convinced many companies in the sector to choose Perseo for the management of moulds, components and materials storage. From Gommus to Corplast, from Eurosuole to F.lli Pellegrino Suolettificio, the Corrado Maretto srl or the Piovaccari srl tape factory, to name just a few.