Officine di Cartigliano: “We put our ‘heart’ into it”

The company celebrated the 60th anniversary of activity by setting up a museum stand.

At Simac Tanning Tech 2021 Cartigliano wanted to celebrate the 60th anniversary of activity by creating the “Cartigliano Museum”, a large exhibition space built as a path where history and future meet. The “heart” of the vacuum was positioned at the entrance: a large machine that represents the state of the art of the technology to dry leathers which was invented by Cartigliano in 1961, positioned right next to the photo of its “progenitor”, a plant dated 1967 and still working at a customer’s site, . Since then it has continuously been perfected. The path then continued with the EFT sludge dryer extruder, Palissone mod. 416 Nero, the new radiofrequency system (first for crust and now for finishing). State-of-the-art systems that represent the leading technologies in the leather sector. Why creating a museum at the fair? We asked to the company.

“To us it seemed the best choice to celebrate an important anniversary, paying tribute to customers and above all explaining what we were, what we are and what we will become because innovation never stops”,

explains Laura Bertacco, Managing Director of Cartigliano.

The walk through the museum stand tells of a company that has been operating in the tanning sector since 1961, becoming a leader in the design and construction of machinery for leather drying and conditioning.