Nuova Ginev, Industry 4.0 upgrade

The company from Cassolnovo (Pavia) specialised in the production of machines for the leather goods and footwear industries, today equips its systems with software and hardware capable of satisfying the requirements of the Industry 4.0

With over seventy years of activity behind it, Nuova Ginev has always been a leader in terms of innovation and cutting-edge developments for the kinds of machinery it produces, which is destined for the footwear, orthopaedic, and leather goods industries. Its offering, which has always been characterised by quality and state-of-the-art solutions, allows not only remarkable flexibility and incredibly fast production times to be achieved, but also allows for a high level of personalisation in its machines, which is all to the benefit of its customers.

Today, the company takes another step forward and equips its machinery with software and hardware capable of satisfying the requirements of the Industry 4.0: a milestone made possible by months of research and development, with positive feedback arriving from operators at the Simac fair, where this latest innovation was launched with great success.

In addition to making it possible to access a tax credit of 50% for the purchase of machinery, the Industry 4.0 upgrade fits the machinery of Ginev with a series of tools that were previously missing: diagnostic instruments, remote control, registration of production data, and the use of barcode systems… Moreover, in a scope of offering clientele a complete service, Ginev provides custom-made software solutions capable of connecting with databases already present in the company.

Last, but not least, is Ginev’s agreement made with a certification body with the aim of guaranteeing its full compliance with the entire process aimed at satisfying the criteria of an “Industry 4.0”.

Another fundamental theme for Ginev is that of eco-sustainability undertaken through its use, for over 10 years, of a 200 kWp photovoltaic system, which satisfies the complete electrical needs of the company. The system was completely designed and created independently, thanks to a branch of the company, Ginev Photonics, which for almost 20 years has been exclusively in charge of developing from A to Z all types of photovoltaic systems, both for civil and industrial use.