New improvements for Ama.Gusberti’s orbital mould

A major inclination of the muold and a mobile robot increase quality, efficiency and safety of the new machine for printing low density soles with undercuts.

At the last Simac Tanning Tech, Ama.Gusberti unveiled the innovative solution of the orbital mould holder that allows to achieve quality levels in the moulding of low density soles that have never been achieved before. After just a few months, the Vigevano based company is ready to present a further evolution of the system, even more committed to quality and efficiency.

If the orbital mould-holder system patented by Ama.Gusberti evolves already the previous mould holders with forward/reverse and side movements, the new 24-station machine equipped with an orbital mould further improves thanks to the possibility of reaching higher inclinations. Now the mould can move 25 degrees forwards and backwards, as well as 30 degrees sideways. This system ensures the best flow of the material into the mould and allows you to optimally create low-density soles that require undercuts.

Moreover, the new model differs from the classic carousel due to the static nature of the mould holders which are not moved in any way, since it is the 3-axis pouring carriage, equipped with a drip catcher, that moves around the various positions. A system that offers the great advantage of being able to manage the machine with a single operator, as well as to change the moulds in a more agile and safe way (the trolley is equipped with advanced radar systems), without the need to stop production. Finally, the machine also improves in terms of heating, so as to more easily melt TPU sheets, which are inserted into the mould, to speed up the extraction of the material. Stefano Greco, CEO of Ama.Gusberti, highlights the advantages of such an advanced orbital mould:

“It is a system that allows the robot, depending on the programming, to follow the entire contour of the sole, with the obvious advantage of extremely precise casting even in the undercuts, which is impossible to achieve with a fixed mould”.

Stefano Greco, CEO of Ama.Gusberti