Main Group technologies for materials recycling

A new peripheral system, to be added to Main Group’s machines, allows all production waste to be recovered and reintroduced into the production process.

With a view to an increasingly sustainable and environmentally friendly production, Main Group presents itself at Simac Tanning Tech 2022 with a new technology that allows all types of recovered materials to be reintroduced into the production cycle in a completely efficient way.

With a new peripheral system, which is added to Main Group’s machines, it is possible to recover all the production waste that until now could not be reintroduced into the process and had to be thrown away: a waste of material that affects both the environment and economy – given the higher cost and the increasing scarcity of raw materials.

The new Main Group technology has made it possible to recover and reuse materials such as Eva, rubber or polyurethane, adding a strategic asset to the market dedicated to footwear machinery.

Moreover, there is a constant research and development of tools for production automation, able to improve process efficiency and the quality of the finished products: the latest innovations for this segment will also be protagonists at Main Group’s stand at Simac Tanning Tech.