JDRUM, the first APP for the tanning industry

Pajusco Tecnologie has developed an application that allows monitoring of all tannery operations.

JDrum is the first APP developed specifically for the tannery, just launched on the market by Pajusco Tecnologie, a Veneto-based company specializing in the production of tannery drums and automation systems. “JDrum is a simple but at the same time revolutionary tool that allows you to monitor in real time from your smartphone or tablet all the operations of the machines (drums and others) by recording processing data,” explain the company. 

From a simple smartphone, one can check the processing status of each drum and receive notifications of any malfunctions

An extremely important feature offered by the app (which works on both Android and iOS) is to prevent breakdowns and thus interruptions in production flows. “Through the app you receive real-time notifications of any anomalies and malfunctions so that you can intervene in a timely manner.” Also very useful is the historical archive of production data that the app records up to two years in advance, an option that makes it possible to retrieve useful information at any time for checks and verifications and to obtain useful statistics. 

 JDrum is, moreover, an achievement that does not come by accident. “This APP is the latest development in a path we have been on for a few years now to improve the maintenance and failure prevention aspect,” they explain from Pajusco. “Last year we had introduced a predictive system of sensors and controls that cover both the mechanical and safety aspects. Now, with this application we take a new step on the road to prevention through further digitization of our plants, in line with the Industry 4.0 plan.”