ZÜND: D3, in-line leather cutting with high productivity and precision

D3, an evolution of the G3 model, is a machine used on multiple fronts in both textile and technical fields, including leather goods. A 3-zone machine with loading area, an area equipped with both automatic and interactive acquisition system, and cutting area. All zones are served by a single conveyor belt so as to avoid […]

ZÜND: DIVA, digital leather acquisition system

The system makes it possible to do preparatory operations for cutting more efficient as well as to better manage delocalized production with respect to the materials warehouse. The operator marks quality zones as well as defects and performs manual, or interactive or automatic nesting. In the case of large volumes, a scan-to-stop can be carried […]

VOLONTÈ SYSTEM CONVEYOR: Conveyor systems for the footwear and leather-goods industries

Made in Italy conveyor for the footwear industry, reserving for each customer the possibility of an ‘ad hoc’ study of new solutions for particular needs.  Wide range of highly reliable conveyor systems for the footwear and leather goods industry, which includes conveyors for use in the seam, assembly, and finishing departments, as well as tunnels […]

SEIT: Evolution of insole lasering

Major leap forward in insole lasering. The process is being automated and made more reliable and less operator-dependent. A 3D scanning system, based on a patent filed by SEIT in 2019, allows for real-time scanning of each individual piece and readjusting machining files based on the scanned product. This process considers every minute difference between […]

MAIN GROUP AUTOMATION: Gamma, for automated gluing of fashion soles

The Gamma machine can glue not only molded soles but also models with a shape that is not easily transported. A clamping system combined with a robotic arm that follows the nonlinear conformations of the structures allows for precise application of the adhesive. The vision system in combination with the cad-cam system allows perfect programming […]

HIWIN: Mechatronics serving footwear and leather goods machines

Hiwin, a leading mechatronics company, serves several industries including footwear and leather goods machines. Many machines in the industry adopt Hiwin systems, such as linear guides, ballscrews, linear axes, harmonic gearboxes… The manipulator robot is capable of moving and automating a loading line or end of line in the leather goods or soles industry. The […]

GALLI: Machines are always smarter

Electronics and touch controls are now fitted to all Galli machines. Companies today demand flexibility and certainty of quality. All machine control parameters can be saved and recalled by the operator for fast and precise setup. Machines are interconnected (industry 4.0) and allow the management of remotely dispatched jobs.

FIORETTO: Much longer-lasting stamps

The collaboration between Fioretto and the Stand Up company from Padua leads to the presentation of the Improlux patent. The system makes up for the shortcomings of traditional gold or silver stamping, whose hold is always very labile and depends heavily on the bottom of the leather. The Improlux system first places a glue on […]

ELITRON: The Booster cutting system

Featuring two separate work areas, Booster is a high-productivity system that can have up to 7 tools on board for all cutting jobs. It features the most advanced camera recognition technology for printed materials and leather: the Seeker System recognition technology. The sophisticated camera and software system identifies printed reference points and uses them to […]

ELETTROTECNICA BC: Vacuum oven and refrigerator

All BC machines today are equipped with touch screens for faster and more precise adjustment of operating parameters. Trolleys for automatic transport of 4+4 shoes inside the tunnels. The vacuum has been placed at the end of the tunnel of the ovens and refrigerators. This proocess completely removes moisture from the footwear with all the […]