SELIN PROJECTS: New universal leather measuring machine

A single machine to measure both wet blue and crust or finished leathers.  The new “patent pending” system – presented under the brand name LEATHERTRONIC™ – enables both wet and dry leathers to be “read”. The system is based on the response that different materials exhibit to an emission of electromagnetic waves of the light spectrum. […]

NEXUS: Big Brother, automatic leather stacker  

Automatic system for stacking leather at the exit of another operating machine positioned upstream. It is revolutionary because it performs the same function of traditional stackers in much smaller spaces and without operator intervention, even in case of very shining automotive leathers. Modular system and small sizes. Remote assistance and Industry 4.0.

MOSCONI: Antares, the new splitting machine with automatic feeding  

Antares is the lime splitting machine with automatic introduction that, thanks to an innovative patented system, works without the traditional rubber roller, rollers and backs, simplifying operators’ work. It is fed directly from the conveyor belt that takes the hides to the introduction system (patented) on which the lying hide is placed. The operator only […]

MM MEGGIOLARO: For better automation of the tanning process

LEATHERS ALIGNMENT SYSTEMThe system allows leathers coming from a previous machine to be automatically aligned and straightened, resulting in an aligned deposit. LAYING SYSTEMIt accompanies the leather, especially thick leather, during deposition allowing for optimal laying, both in the straight and inverted modes.

ERRETRE: Black Line, super efficient milling

Black Line is the next-generation line of milling drums that guarantees high performance and low consumption, ensuring total control of humidity and temperature throughout the process. Processing and recipe management is controlled by advanced proprietary software that elevates the degree of process automation.  Chemical Milling technology optimizes chemical dosing and injection.

BRS – BARNINI ROBOT SYSTEM: Automatic spraying system ARTBRS

ART is an automatic spraying system for already cut leather panels or whole skins that simulates traditional production systems (rotary, elliptical, alternating). The handy suction cup tool can handle all types of leather.  The 6-axis robot is equipped with an innovative 2-circuit color spray technology tool capable of finishing a whole skin. With intuitive software, […]

ALPESPAK: Suprema splitting machine with automatic introducer

Splitting machine equipped with a specific system designed to eliminate the difficult operation of introducing, leading and braking the hide by operators when passing the hide between the transport rollers in the traditional splitting system. An automatic device facilitates the introduction of one hide after another into the feeding system, without the need for specialized […]