STEMMA: the recycling of polyurethane

RE-YU Recycling Technology allows polyurethane waste (and more) to be fed back into the production cycle for greater environmental and economic sustainability of processes.

RAM SYSTEM: Digital water-based printing for synthetics

Digital printer designed to print on large synthetic products (up to 190 cm span) and on various thicknesses. The novelty is the use of totally water-based inks that have no degree of toxicity or harmfulness. Once the printing is done, the color is fixed with a heat source that allows the water to evaporate, fixing […]

MAIN GROUP: Polyurethane recycling system

The system recovers 5% PU average waste made during the processing stages of the supply chain and destined for landfill. The material is shredded, pulverized and fed back into the footwear production cycle. A production scrap recovery kit is combined with rotary injection molding carousels. The scraps are then conveyed to a material shredding and […]

GALLI: Energy Saving

Today, energy saving is a priority for any company. Galli’s new ovens and dryers reduce consumption by up to 30 percent. Internal supports can be configured by the customer according to their needs. Maximum modularity of work areas designed with the customer.

DURKOPP ADLER: Delta 888 step-motor and much more

Many new features on board the new 888, first and foremost the step-motor that guarantees absolute precision to the movement. All operating parameters can be adjusted from the touch screen panel. The new magnetic sensor detects the thickness of the material and automatically adjusts the stitch length and other parameters such as thread tension. All […]

WEGA: 8-character code stamper

New 8-character code stamper to code each leather allowing full traceability. It allows deep engraving, ideal for embossing prints. The ability to stamp the code is simultaneous with the measurement of the leather.  Allows constant quality control for both the manufacturer and the user.

SC Costruzioni Meccaniche: HAIRPRESS, filter compactor for hair recovery

Hairpress is a self-cleaning machine that is specifically designed for the separation of hair from liming baths, constructed entirely of stainless steel. The main function of the filter is to dehydrate and compact the retained material, thanks to a system consisting of a specially shaped rubber cone (patented) that results in a reduction in volume […]

OMFAS: Customizable manual spray booth

The Velox 1400 stainless steel manual spray booth is ideal for performing leather finishing sampling. It features a new automatic water loading and unloading system that provides significant energy savings. Maintenance reduced to a minimum thanks to its composition in three sectors that can be completely disassembled (Water Veil – Top – Tank). Backlit table […]

I-TECH: Maximum efficiency in the finishing department with COLOR HERE

COLOR HERE is a customizable, production efficiency solution for the leather finishing department in tanneries.   It combines a hardware component and a software component in a fully factory-integrated manner.  The L.I.M.E.s (Lean Industry manufacturing Execution software) keeps track of every raw material stored, monitors the production of colored blends, allowing energy and water consumption to […]

GEMATA: Leather finishing with very low environmental impact with GREENFINISH

GREENFINISH is the innovative release paper finishing line that ensures low environmental impact.  It starts with GREENSTARs roller coater to coat the chemicals on any kind of leather and continues with infrared drying ovens.  The standard line is complete with accumulator and allows non-stop processing 24/24, ideal for tanneries that have large production batches. With […]

ESCOMAR: New through feed sammying machine for wet blue PCR-e8 

New pressing system fully controlled by hydraulic power unit capable of developing pressure up to 280 tons. The hydraulic system regulates the drying pressure on 4 independent bridges with 8 pressure points to ensure uniform drying even at low pressures. The machine can work at high speeds of up to 28 mt/min with significant production […]