ORMAC: Rotor 142 RC carding machine even for heavy materials

Patented carding machine with double head for independent sequential processing. Diamond brush, optical pointer for programming and touch screen with graphic display of the working path. The classic wire brush for carding can be replaced by an Invidia Router capable of removing heavy and difficult materials.

OMAC: Efficient and ergonomic ovens and dryers

Omac presents the new line of ovens and dryers. The operator can open and close with a simple movement of the foot. All paremeters are controllable in real time and adjustable from the touch screen. Each zone can be adjusted independently.

OMAC: New ultrasonic humidification system

A new technology based on ultrasonic plates generates cold misting that humidifies the leather without wetting it. All Omac machines have a simple touch screen interface to adjust, save and recall operating parameters. The leather remains soft and workable but absolutely not wet.

OLYMPIC: Toe pre-shaping

Hot and cold station for tip pre-shaping. Operating parameters and programs manageable by touch screen.

MICC: Color dispersion for Pu shoe soles

For over 35 years, the company has been in the textile, leather, sole industry. It produces pigment dispersion inks, coatings, release agents for PU, PVC, TPU, TPR footwear. The company specializes in the production of fluorescent, prismatic, and color shifting colors. Polycol Color Dispersions are a unique technology for coloring Polyurethanes. They are dispersions of […]

MASTEK: Cutting-edge non-yellowing adhesives

Expanded range of non-yellowing products designed for leather goods and footwear. Adhesives that do not undergo the color variations that spoils quality productions. FIXECÓ 836, a water-based spray-applicable non-yellowing product, is designed specifically for materials that are more difficult to bond.  Its variants 887 or 883 applicable by brush or sponge have the same characteristics […]

MAIN GROUP AUTOMATION: Gamma, for automated gluing of fashion soles

The Gamma machine can glue not only molded soles but also models with a shape that is not easily transported. A clamping system combined with a robotic arm that follows the nonlinear conformations of the structures allows for precise application of the adhesive. The vision system in combination with the cad-cam system allows perfect programming […]

MAIN GROUP: Polyurethane recycling system

The system recovers 5% PU average waste made during the processing stages of the supply chain and destined for landfill. The material is shredded, pulverized and fed back into the footwear production cycle. A production scrap recovery kit is combined with rotary injection molding carousels. The scraps are then conveyed to a material shredding and […]

LAMEBO: Splitting bandknives also make innovation

European steels, customization, fast delivery and continuous research on materials, these are some characteristics of industrial splitting bandknives completely Made in Italy. Traceability and quality control always come first Sustainability at the forefront of both production facilities and processes.

HIWIN: Mechatronics serving footwear and leather goods machines

Hiwin, a leading mechatronics company, serves several industries including footwear and leather goods machines. Many machines in the industry adopt Hiwin systems, such as linear guides, ballscrews, linear axes, harmonic gearboxes… The manipulator robot is capable of moving and automating a loading line or end of line in the leather goods or soles industry. The […]