FALMACH: Bottom roughing, health and safety at another level

The most advanced roughing machine on the market today. A blade of air protects the operator and the powerful vacuum system combined with sensors that detect the amount of dust keep the work environment healthy. Ergonomic adjustments and simple and effective machine set-up. Operating parameters adjustable from touch screen and machine 4.0 remotely monitorable. HEPA […]

CAMOGA: HEPA filter on splitting machines

The structure of all the machines in the PLUS line has been redesigned. Noise reduced and suction made more powerful. There is now a HEPA filter on board the machine.

BOZZIDEE di Bozzolan Alberto: No more lasting nails in the mouth

Up to 4 loaders can be installed for both right- and left-handed operators. The nails are picked up by a rotating comb and placed in a guide. The nail is served to the operator who with can conveniently pick it up. To secure it in the shoe while keeping it in the correct position at […]

ALPESPAK: Suprema splitting machine with automatic introducer

Splitting machine equipped with a specific system designed to eliminate the difficult operation of introducing, leading and braking the hide by operators when passing the hide between the transport rollers in the traditional splitting system. An automatic device facilitates the introduction of one hide after another into the feeding system, without the need for specialized […]