SEIT: Evolution of insole lasering

Major leap forward in insole lasering. The process is being automated and made more reliable and less operator-dependent. A 3D scanning system, based on a patent filed by SEIT in 2019, allows for real-time scanning of each individual piece and readjusting machining files based on the scanned product. This process considers every minute difference between […]

RAM SYSTEM: Digital water-based printing for synthetics

Digital printer designed to print on large synthetic products (up to 190 cm span) and on various thicknesses. The novelty is the use of totally water-based inks that have no degree of toxicity or harmfulness. Once the printing is done, the color is fixed with a heat source that allows the water to evaporate, fixing […]

OMAC: New ultrasonic humidification system

A new technology based on ultrasonic plates generates cold misting that humidifies the leather without wetting it. All Omac machines have a simple touch screen interface to adjust, save and recall operating parameters. The leather remains soft and workable but absolutely not wet.

OLYMPIC: Toe pre-shaping

Hot and cold station for tip pre-shaping. Operating parameters and programs manageable by touch screen.

MICC: Color dispersion for Pu shoe soles

For over 35 years, the company has been in the textile, leather, sole industry. It produces pigment dispersion inks, coatings, release agents for PU, PVC, TPU, TPR footwear. The company specializes in the production of fluorescent, prismatic, and color shifting colors. Polycol Color Dispersions are a unique technology for coloring Polyurethanes. They are dispersions of […]

MASTEK: Cutting-edge non-yellowing adhesives

Expanded range of non-yellowing products designed for leather goods and footwear. Adhesives that do not undergo the color variations that spoils quality productions. FIXECÓ 836, a water-based spray-applicable non-yellowing product, is designed specifically for materials that are more difficult to bond.  Its variants 887 or 883 applicable by brush or sponge have the same characteristics […]

FIORETTO: Much longer-lasting stamps

The collaboration between Fioretto and the Stand Up company from Padua leads to the presentation of the Improlux patent. The system makes up for the shortcomings of traditional gold or silver stamping, whose hold is always very labile and depends heavily on the bottom of the leather. The Improlux system first places a glue on […]

ELETTROTECNICA BC: Vacuum oven and refrigerator

All BC machines today are equipped with touch screens for faster and more precise adjustment of operating parameters. Trolleys for automatic transport of 4+4 shoes inside the tunnels. The vacuum has been placed at the end of the tunnel of the ovens and refrigerators. This proocess completely removes moisture from the footwear with all the […]

EGAS CONSULTING: Cold thermo-molding now works properly not only on leather

The leather cold molding system presented in 2022 has been refined and is now performing quite well on other materials. Accurate molding of nabuck leather on fussbeds that preserves the typical “writing” effect. The last can be used as a mold to recreate the artisan process that is typically performed by wetting the leather and […]

BUZZI: Ultra precise positioning for high frequency

High frequency causes permanent cold deformation by electromagnetic wave. The mold requires absolute precision of the position of the object to be molded. Buzzi has developed a machine that uses a laser pointer instead of the traditional frame and an innovative rotation system that causes no displacement. Alternatively a Hi-Res camera for perfect alignment on […]