FRATELLI ALBERTI: Lubrication system for fleshing machines

Innovative lubrication system for fleshing machines for tips and counters. The spray and drip system are combined. Coolant is injected in the form of droplets but a pump allows the flow to be channeled more precisely. Advantages:– optimized lubricant consumption– easier maintenance of the machine. The system can also be implemented on machines already in use

STENI SYSTEM: New OPTIMA buffing machine

A machine for continuous buffing of all types of leather using abrasive paper wound on a cylinder.  A new blade assembly allows the entire surface of the leather to be buffed without producing cuts either in or out of the machine, thus with fewer defects and reduced waste. The heavy steel structure allows the use […]

ROTACOAT: J1 3400, the new generation roller coater

The roller finishing machine J1 3400 has been designed to apply efficiently and homogeneously a wide assortment of chemical products for finishing. It is possible to finish/upgrade goat & sheepskins, bovine side leathers, splits and whole hides, virtually covering the whole spectrum of leather items, from the thinnest (0.4 mm) and softest ones for clothing […]

ESCOMAR: New through feed sammying machine for wet blue PCR-e8 

New pressing system fully controlled by hydraulic power unit capable of developing pressure up to 280 tons. The hydraulic system regulates the drying pressure on 4 independent bridges with 8 pressure points to ensure uniform drying even at low pressures. The machine can work at high speeds of up to 28 mt/min with significant production […]

Cartigliano: The drying crust revolution

NeroRapido Vacuum Dryer dries any type of leather evenly, deeply but gently, at very low temperatures, never above 22-23° C. No fat liquors migration. The result is perfectly dry, round, natural leather without loss of thickness or footing. RadioFrequency drying works only on the water particles contained within the leather. In just a few minutes, […]

BRS – BARNINI ROBOT SYSTEM: Automatic spraying system ARTBRS

ART is an automatic spraying system for already cut leather panels or whole skins that simulates traditional production systems (rotary, elliptical, alternating). The handy suction cup tool can handle all types of leather.  The 6-axis robot is equipped with an innovative 2-circuit color spray technology tool capable of finishing a whole skin. With intuitive software, […]