ZÜND: D3, in-line leather cutting with high productivity and precision

D3, an evolution of the G3 model, is a machine used on multiple fronts in both textile and technical fields, including leather goods. A 3-zone machine with loading area, an area equipped with both automatic and interactive acquisition system, and cutting area. All zones are served by a single conveyor belt so as to avoid […]

ZÜND: DIVA, digital leather acquisition system

The system makes it possible to do preparatory operations for cutting more efficient as well as to better manage delocalized production with respect to the materials warehouse. The operator marks quality zones as well as defects and performs manual, or interactive or automatic nesting. In the case of large volumes, a scan-to-stop can be carried […]

VOLONTÈ SYSTEM CONVEYOR: Conveyor systems for the footwear and leather-goods industries

Made in Italy conveyor for the footwear industry, reserving for each customer the possibility of an ‘ad hoc’ study of new solutions for particular needs.  Wide range of highly reliable conveyor systems for the footwear and leather goods industry, which includes conveyors for use in the seam, assembly, and finishing departments, as well as tunnels […]

TECNO 2: T3000, insoles preforming machine 

Insoles preforming machine with automatic extraction and conveyors for a 3.000 pairs daily production in 8 working hours. The pair of insoles are alternately pressed and the double pressing movement of the upper molds helps for insoles locking. The rear stop for insole positioning is adjustable. The collection of insoles is made easier thanks to […]

S.P.S. Tecnologia Meccanica: PLC systems for a better control and safety

All automatic machines for applying technical and ornamental small parts are equipped with a PLC system, which allows for greater machine control, greater safety and even more precise management of on-board accident prevention systems.  The PLC system also makes it possible to simplify the adjustment of the pneumatic system consisting of many valves that are not easy […]

SEIT: Evolution of insole lasering

Major leap forward in insole lasering. The process is being automated and made more reliable and less operator-dependent. A 3D scanning system, based on a patent filed by SEIT in 2019, allows for real-time scanning of each individual piece and readjusting machining files based on the scanned product. This process considers every minute difference between […]

R.A.M.: New models of automatic sewing machines to cover an additional market price

Introduced alternating-arm pallet transport technology to offer the market a lower-priced alternative while maintaining the company’s typical quality. The head remains fixed and the frame is moved. The frame on board the machine allows to intervene on the work program and modify it. For perfect stitching even in the most difficult places.

PRISMA TECH: Icad3D+ integrates Blender rendering and new collaboration tools

Within Icad3D+, a few simple parameters are set, and automatically and transparently Blender’s powerful render engine is leveraged to achieve quality images. New developments in the Workspace platform integrated with Icad3d+ for collaboration among workgroups. Integration with the Wacom Cintiq for a user experience more geared towards designers.

ORMAC: Rotor 142 RC carding machine even for heavy materials

Patented carding machine with double head for independent sequential processing. Diamond brush, optical pointer for programming and touch screen with graphic display of the working path. The classic wire brush for carding can be replaced by an Invidia Router capable of removing heavy and difficult materials.

OMAC: Efficient and ergonomic ovens and dryers

Omac presents the new line of ovens and dryers. The operator can open and close with a simple movement of the foot. All paremeters are controllable in real time and adjustable from the touch screen. Each zone can be adjusted independently.