FRATELLI ALBERTI: Splitting machine 4.0

The heart of the machine has remained unchanged, but now its management can be done remotely as is already the case with the other machine lines, skiving and combining machines. Automatic adjustments can be made, save them online and share sets of settings. Direct connection with the order department is possible.

FRATELLI ALBERTI: Lubrication system for fleshing machines

Innovative lubrication system for fleshing machines for tips and counters. The spray and drip system are combined. Coolant is injected in the form of droplets but a pump allows the flow to be channeled more precisely. Advantages:– optimized lubricant consumption– easier maintenance of the machine. The system can also be implemented on machines already in use

SELIN PROJECTS: New universal leather measuring machine

A single machine to measure both wet blue and crust or finished leathers.  The new “patent pending” system – presented under the brand name LEATHERTRONIC™ – enables both wet and dry leathers to be “read”. The system is based on the response that different materials exhibit to an emission of electromagnetic waves of the light spectrum. […]

WEGA: 8-character code stamper

New 8-character code stamper to code each leather allowing full traceability. It allows deep engraving, ideal for embossing prints. The ability to stamp the code is simultaneous with the measurement of the leather.  Allows constant quality control for both the manufacturer and the user.

STENI SYSTEM: New OPTIMA buffing machine

A machine for continuous buffing of all types of leather using abrasive paper wound on a cylinder.  A new blade assembly allows the entire surface of the leather to be buffed without producing cuts either in or out of the machine, thus with fewer defects and reduced waste. The heavy steel structure allows the use […]

SC Costruzioni Meccaniche: HAIRPRESS, filter compactor for hair recovery

Hairpress is a self-cleaning machine that is specifically designed for the separation of hair from liming baths, constructed entirely of stainless steel. The main function of the filter is to dehydrate and compact the retained material, thanks to a system consisting of a specially shaped rubber cone (patented) that results in a reduction in volume […]

ROTACOAT: J1 3400, the new generation roller coater

The roller finishing machine J1 3400 has been designed to apply efficiently and homogeneously a wide assortment of chemical products for finishing. It is possible to finish/upgrade goat & sheepskins, bovine side leathers, splits and whole hides, virtually covering the whole spectrum of leather items, from the thinnest (0.4 mm) and softest ones for clothing […]

OMFAS: Customizable manual spray booth

The Velox 1400 stainless steel manual spray booth is ideal for performing leather finishing sampling. It features a new automatic water loading and unloading system that provides significant energy savings. Maintenance reduced to a minimum thanks to its composition in three sectors that can be completely disassembled (Water Veil – Top – Tank). Backlit table […]

NEXUS: Big Brother, automatic leather stacker  

Automatic system for stacking leather at the exit of another operating machine positioned upstream. It is revolutionary because it performs the same function of traditional stackers in much smaller spaces and without operator intervention, even in case of very shining automotive leathers. Modular system and small sizes. Remote assistance and Industry 4.0.

MOSCONI: Antares, the new splitting machine with automatic feeding  

Antares is the lime splitting machine with automatic introduction that, thanks to an innovative patented system, works without the traditional rubber roller, rollers and backs, simplifying operators’ work. It is fed directly from the conveyor belt that takes the hides to the introduction system (patented) on which the lying hide is placed. The operator only […]