TESEO: Sigma300K – High productivity system for cutting leather and textiles

The SIGMA 300 K features a roller-driven work area for continuous cutting of leather and roll materials. The SIGMA 300 K is equipped with 3 multi-tool heads working in synergy. Thanks to the innovative Teseo software, the 3 cutting heads work simultaneously and independently on different areas without interfering, increasing productivity by up to 60% […]

SLCR Lasertechnik: Marking leather hides with laser

Traceability is becoming an increasingly important issue. In the leather supply chain, it starts from the early stages of the tanney. This laser technology can be used in two modes: “stamp” and “touch free”. It can be applied directly to hides even before tanning, demostrating unalterability of the engraved marks even after the different stages […]

SABAL: CNC leather cutting with automatic tool changer

The CT 1015 further improves its efficiency by a new version equipped with a head with automatic tool changer. With 9 tools that can be loaded on the machine, any type of material can be cut: from leather to plastic to metal. The system is scalable to any Sabal cutting machine and provides for the […]

OLYMPIC: Machine for crimping of uppers with dynamic angles

The patented design enables extreme angle on any shape and size of upper and completely eliminates the trimming process, making material shaping an easy and economical procedure. It allows any clamping angle, makes double trimming of the upper unnecessary, ensures precision and repeatability, and is suitable for leather as well as synthetic materials. The system […]

MM SOLUTION: Complete system for making soles

Energy-saving cutting center with patented mechanical head without the use of compressed air. New numerical milling machine to automatically perform the milling operation of the outer edge of soles. Sophisticated 5-axis interpolated CNC performs various types of inclinations. Working center with two spindles for soles skiving , including rotating axys for soles decoration channeling and […]

MEC-VAL: Increasingly Efficient Soles Press

Sole press developed and made entirely in Italy that guarantees excellent quality and precision by maintaining a perfect vacuum/pressure cycle managed automatically. Fully digitized pressing process, Industry 4.0 communication standard, advanced sensor system and simple and intuitive touch panel. The Internal Vision system allows you to perform machine setup on new models very quickly, and […]

FAV – FRATELLI ALBERTI: Made in Italy flat combining machines with high efficiency

It can reach 230° and exert a high pressure (0.68 kg/cm2) The presence of the double drawer allows the reduction of dead cycle times, while the new HMI interface is simple and intuitive. The latest generation of electronics allows remote control and assistance, transfer of working parameters from the machine to the office and vice […]

FALMACH: telemetry Process data monitoring system, air quality and solvent presence

Customized graphics and editing, real-time monitoring and history features make the system easy to use by operators, maintainers or supervisors. The software allows you to have both new and existing machines under control anytime and anywhere, optimizing their use and maintenance. Certified sensor technology also makes it possible to monitor the air quality of workstations.

FAINPLAST: Biomaterials for compounds with unchanged performance

Bloom produces sustainable materials used by the footwear industry to protect the environment by reducing carbon emissions through the use of natural algae-based products instead of petroleum-based ones. Excess proliferating algae are transformed by Bloom into reusable biomaterials. Fainplast using Bloom’s biomaterials, has developed a new line of compounds with reduced environmental impact. These products, […]

COMETA: The best in stitching in one leather goods machine

The best technologies from a leader in the sewing world (juki) come together to create a machine that is an excellent alternative to the historic and popular traditional machines. Advantages: having a tested, efficient and reliable technology made with interchangeable parts that many companies already have in stock and can be used as spare parts […]

BIBO: Automation, flexibility and quality for optimal pneumatic stamping

Pneumatic stamping machine equipped with a large movable work surface (W. 700 x D. 450 mm) ideal for printing details of bags, wallets, shoes and labels. The rotary head with double die and the printing device housing 2 different cards are programmable and can interact creating various combinations. Automatic tool stroke adjustment controls printing depth, […]