ALC: Kyotex bonding system

No more brush and glue in workers’ hands. Solid, cold transfer adhesive tape without solvent or harmful fumes. Kyotex complementary tapes apply adhesive precisely and uniformly to the part, contour-cutting it and making it self-adhesive. The wide range of film, strip and dot tapes adapts to a variety of materials and ensures maximum hold, breathability, […]

Galli Spa: machine setup automation

The processing of belts and shoulder straps requires a precise machine setup that is different for each type of product. The FC2E Tecno has been re-engineered to allow the on-board computer to handle mechanical adjustments. A program is selected from the control panel and the machine automatically adjusts to perform all operations with the operating […]

GALLI Spa: 3D design of production layouts

The new software developed by Galli makes it possible to position the company’s machinery in a 3D environment and to make it much easier and more intuitive to compare with clients on machine layout, space organization, work ergonomics and team sizing in different departments.

AGFA: sustainability of UV inks

IUL’s new inks ensure the highest standards in terms of worker safety and impact on the environment. Finally, the optimization of the UV printing machines in the Alussa Line enables an optimal fixing process even on uneven surfaces.