IGS21 the universal pressing system for technical footwear by Tecno 2

With over forty years of activity behind it, the Vigevano company of Tecno 2 is specialised in the production of a wide range of machines for footwear, insoles, and soles: at Simac, it presented the new IGS21 pressing system with 4.0 technology

Tradition, solid know-how, innovation, and an understanding of the markets of reference are the elements ever-present in the Tecno 2 technological offering, which has always been aimed at simplifying and optimising productive processes in a digital and smart key. Its machines combine an excellent quality/price ratio with the high quality of the materials used guaranteeing high work precision and durability, with attention to the security of machines in accordance with CEE directives. At the same time, the high productivity guarantees and preserves the quality of the product, and the company provides both pre-sale and post-sale technical assistance.

Among the novelties presented in a preview at Simac, standing out is the new IGS21 universal rectangular pressing system, with 4.0 HMI (Human Machine Interface) System technology, representing a point for reference for the entire world of technical footwear – from trekking to free climbing, football, mountain biking, etc. – and for any kind of bonding process in sole factories of technical soles and various components.

The project of IGS21 is based on the practical application of bodies immersed in fluid. It is a pressing system that does not require templates, mechanical adjustments, and protects any pressed component, because the pressure is applied gradually without any shocks. It is also the only version in the world based on the use of rectangular basins and is easy to use by operators, thanks to the dedicated software that follows the installation, use, and maintenance. Rapid and precise, ISG21has a 10 seconds fast machine cycle and produces 1,200 pairs every 8 working hours, making it a technology of absolute interest for the sector.

Next to IGS21, Tecno 2 reproposed at Simac two top-of-the-range 4.0 technologies from its machine pool: the T72 hydraulic universal sole press and the T3000 insoles preforming machine. A hydraulic universal sole press with self-shaping levels, rubber sectors pads, and with self-adaptable footwear stop arms, suitable for all kinds of soles, including Luigi XV heel, the T72 is equipped with a touchscreen, with digital technology for programming and storing hydraulic sector programmes that retain and memorize the footwear outline, while allowing for multiple and separate working pressures on sole-waist-heel, with an inflatable cushion to press Jourdan soles.

Instead, the T3000 insoles preforming machine with automatic extraction and conveyors has an alternating system of pressing/preforming, with a tilting pressing movement of the upper moulds for insoles locking, sides positioning system for the insoles, automatic unloading of insoles with suckers, and insoles conveyor belts for their collection. Precision and rapid production times (450-650 pairs per hour) are the main features.