ICad Workspace by INESCOP

The cloud solution for the digital shoe design and manufacturing process  that promote digital transformation and the interaction of all the actors involved.

The Footwear Technology Centre (INESCOP), a benchmark in Europe in terms of innovation and technology applied to footwear, has developed ICad Workspace, a workspace in the cloud that allows information on shoe lasts, accessories, components, materials, and models generated from CAD systems, to be stored in an organised and easily accessible way. In addition, this platform allows the management of users with different permissions when interacting with the saved information.

In the past, the work of all the actors involved in the design and manufacture of footwear was carried out, to a greater extent, manually, but for some time now, most companies have updated their technology and generate a large part of their resources in digital format, using specific software for design, industrialisation, and production; and hardware such as 3D digitisers and printers. This milestone has meant an increase in quality and productivity, as well as savings in costs and physical space for storage. However, the huge amount of information, as well as the ability to process, exploit and share it, has become a challenge.

For this reason, the use of cloud solutions such as ICad Workspace for the management of digital resources by professionals in the footwear sector offers innumerable advantages such as remote access (from any place and connected device), service orientation no matter the supporting technology used, simplification of updates and lower maintenance cost, as well as scalability and performance improvements.

ICad Workspace is a simple, intuitive, and agile tool that saves materials, space, and time, and improves organisation in the areas of Design, Industrialisation and Production. More information at icad.inescopsolutions.com