ICad INESCOP solutions: shoe-design revolution

The company – worldwide leader in footwear manufacturing technology and innovation – stands out for its complete digital design proposal of solutions, which allows even a geographically distant team of colleagues to work with complete efficiency and maximum creativity.

Designing footwear models is a complex job, which often involves a team of employees who are sometimes very geographically distant from one another. For this reason, it is more important now than ever before to trust in powerful and collaborative tools that are perfectly connected in each phase of the process. In this context, the ICad INESCOP Solutions represent a revolution in the field of design for footwear manufacturers. ICad 3D+ in fact allows for the digitalisation of the entire design process of the shoe: the virtual design and pattern engineering of the models are completely integrated with one another, working in parallel and simultaneously. In just a few minutes, ICad Materials transforms physical materials into digital ones ready for use in ICad 3D+, with an exceptional level of realism. With ICad Colorways it is instead possible to upload the virtual models generated with ICad 3D+ and the virtual materials scanned with ICad Materials to the cloud, allowing team members with access to an Internet browser and the right credentials for logging in, to define the most interesting combinations of materials for the virtual models proposed.