Here is the new SIGNUM 20

Stemma has developed an innovative technology to produce polyurethane boots

Lighter and more comfortable than PVC boots, less expensive than rubber boots and more versatile than EVA products, polyurethane boots are becoming more and more popular in the safety and outdoor market. The traditional injection technology, which is at the base of almost all the worldwide production of polyurethane boots, runs up against some limits of this process, among which the main one is certainly the limited productivity. The “RPU Spray Technology” and revolutionary mould-holder system has enabled Stemma to develop an innovative process, now available in the new “SIGNUM 20” machine for polyurethane boots. This valuable tool allows to overcome these limits and to start a real revolution in the market.

With an effective cycle time of less than 30 seconds and which is not bound to the use of polyurethanes with long extraction times, it guarantees an increase in productivity of about 30% compared to the traditional process. Moreover, an open-mould process makes it possible to create extremely light products with particularly thin thicknesses, representing an effective innovation that improves the production and characteristics of the boot. The uniform distribution of colour and the possibility to use a wide range of linings are other characterising aspects of this new machine, now available on the market.