Greater productivity and cutting precision with Elitron

At Simac, the company from Monte Urano specialised in integrated cutting systems and automation launched its new and renewed cutting and software systems dedicated to the fashion industry (among others), receiving positive feedback from the sector

The return to the physical edition of fairs represented an important opportunity for Elitron in launching its latest products destined not only the fashion industry on the international platform: the public participating in the event looked favourably upon the complete range of systems proposed that reply to today’s cutting requirements for leathers, synthetics, printed materials, rigid sole materials and more, whilst being ready to address the challenges of tomorrow.

Elitron Booster

The leading protagonist was Booster, the bestselling cutting system of Elitron renewed through Seeker System technology: the most advanced, proprietary, vision system for all printed materials and leather, which allows, thanks to a sophisticated camera and software system, to identify the printed reference points on materials and uses these to synchronize and manage the cutting path for extreme cutting precision, all automatically. With two working areas, Booster makes light of all your cutting jobs.

Elitron Kudos

Next to Booster, there was also positive feedback by visitors at Simac for the Kudos conveyor cutting system, the Visio nesting system, and the multi-function Plaza T for the toughest cutting jobs. Specifically engineered to perfectly cut leather and synthetic roll materials for footwear and leather goods, Kudos with 2 gantries and 2 multi-tool cutting heads is characterised by highly innovative, high-performance technology, with faster acceleration and cutting speeds, which increase productivity by 40% compared to the previous models.

Elitron Plaza T

The Plaza T system is instead aimed at the upholstery and automotive markets, and it satisfies all the requirements needed for increased productivity and larger formats, with a full working area of up to 6200 x 2500 mm. This multifunctional cutting system features 2 gantries and 2 multi-tool cutting heads, allowing one full leather hide to be cut using 2 cutting heads contemporarily for non-stop production: cutting on one side, whilst nesting on the other, then collecting the pieces on one side whilst cutting on the other.

Elitron Visio

There is then the Elitron Visio acquisition and nesting system, which comes with the latest digital technology from Elitron: an Elitron Digital Infrared (EDI) infrared pen allows the operator to identify quality areas, holes, and marks on the leather hide, making them visible and colour-coding them digitally on the leather, while saving time and increasing the practicality.