Full control with B Trace and B Spray by GER Elettronica

Among the innovations of the Venetian company, a leather traceability system and integrated technology for complete control of the spray booth.

Ger Elettronica’s stand presented many innovations, starting with B Trace, which responds to the growing demands of the market to implement effective leather traceability systems. Those who work in the sector know well that the complexity and the number of processing steps to which leather is subjected make it very difficult to use a single system that allows you to follow the “history” of the single leather along the entire supply chain path. To meet customer needs in the field of traceability, Ger Elettronica thus offers a modular device that can grow over time. It starts with a reader that recognises different code types (QR type) and different specific modules related to both the wet and the finishing part of the process. The system easily connects to management programmes in which the individual steps are recorded and, at the same time, it can be integrated into Ger’s I. Data software to view how the processing steps have affected the single skin, as well as the batch to which it belongs.

Also B Spray aroused great interest, a real integrated technology for the complete control of the spraying process consisting of the I. Control economiser, a universal device for the efficiency of spray lines, the I.Gun system for real time control of the guns in the spray booth, and Iris, which ensures the control of the colour quality in line. The advantages offered are many: reduction of machine downtime, optimisation of energy and chemical products consumption, constant monitoring of times and results, automatic and continuous calibration of the guns, improvement of process sustainability.