For Apego “we work well with the safety and outdoor world”

The Italian company, leader in the production of moulds for footwear, returned to SIMAC in Milan and A+A in Düsseldorf, observing a good performance of the two sectors

“We are happy to be back to participate in the reference trade fairs for footwear. We wanted to send a strong signal to the sector: we are there, always ready to supply our technology and innovation to the market”. This is how Andrea Montagna, Technical Manager of Apego, states the importance of being back to meet customers in person, and clarifies: “Despite the objective difficulties connected to the pandemic, the supply of raw materials, and the exorbitant cost increase (aluminum has risen by 47%), the more technical outdoor and safety markets have held up well, allowing us to carry on our work without interruptions”.

After all, Apego has been designing and manufacturing shoe moulds for 55 years. The accurate understanding of its customers’ needs, the heavy investment in technology and the constant attention paid to the fashion factor allow the company to field a strong propensity for problem-solving. Rapid prototyping applied to the footwear sector allows the Cilavegna based company to produce models in a few hours, thanks to an innovative technology that reduces the production costs of sample moulds, ensuring also a significant time to market decrease. Added to this is the use, during the production phase, of 5 and 6-axis CNC machining centres which speed up the creation of complex high quality and precision moulds. “We never stopped the research and development of new and innovative solutions. Also in this case, Covid has slowed down the processes of market placing, but in the next year we will propose various and interesting innovations to further improve the quality and sustainability of our moulds, and therefore of the finished product”, concludes Montagna.