Falmach, complete and safe workstations 4.0

The rich and innovative proposal of the Tuscan company includes a workbench, an aspirator, a mould lever and an advanced software.

Falmach develops innovative products respecting the Italian footwear tradition, for which it directly manages design, production, distribution and assistance. During the last SIMAC the company based in Lucca presented 3 machines, which together with Telemetry, the remote data control system, provide for very innovative 4.0 workstations. The first machine is the S1200 workbench. A certified and patented dust emission multi-tool machine, which can be set up with carding machines, brushing machines and a small knob, whose combination of ventilation and suction protects the operator from harmful dust, while the optional height adjustment system makes it also extremely ergonomic.


The V500 extractor, instead, is a cyclonic technology wheeled extractor equipped with a fire-fighting system. A compact, silent and reliable system, as well as an absolute novelty in the footwear sector. The high automation level ensures the machine high performance and safety. In risky fire work conditions, it is monitored by temperature and air humidity sensors present in the collection bin, a water sprayer restores the safety conditions; in case of danger persistance V500 switches off automatically and activates an acoustic alarm. Let’s also look at the maintenance: the self-cleaning system of the cartridge filter reduces maintenance interventions and increases its duration.


Finally, the most recent novelty: F300, an adaptive machine for opening-closing shapes, small in size and easy to move and place. Its ease of use and the wide range of models and compatible joints, make it a highly flexible and practical machine. The thrust system makes the opening-closing action safe for the operator and for the shoe. This machine is designed with height-adjustment system that ensures maximum ergonomics. The kinematics allows to shape the roller trajectory, following the shoe shape and minimising the required force to open and close the shapes. One of its most interesting peculiarities concerns the possibility of opening and closing the shapes in the opposite direction compared to competitors, that is, with the heel facing the operator. In this way it manages some operations such as re-bagging the strobel using your hands, the machine and the dedicated shoehorn. This operation cannot be performed with the heel reversed.


The Telemetria system collects the data of all these machines. The customised graphics and the editing functions, real-time and historical monitoring make the system easy to use by operators, maintenance technicians or supervisors. The software allows you to have the fleet of machines under control anytime and anywhere and to optimise their use and, even predictive, maintenance.