Falmach, complete and safe workstations 4.0

Falmach develops innovative products respecting the Italian footwear tradition, protecting workers’ health and safety and ensuring excellent product quality.

All FALMACH products are the synthesis of the experience gained in the field by the designers, acknowledging needs and requirements in collaboration with the HSE managers of the partner companies. The elements that distinguish FALMACH products are:
• Optimisation of production efficiency and effectiveness
• Attention to ergonomics and functionality
• Maximum safety related to the diffusion of fine dust processing
• Maximum attention to the fire-fighting devices of the individual stations
• High level of automation
• Constant monitoring of critical parameters and predictive maintenance

The development of FALMACH products is constantly evolving, thanks to requests and suggestions shared with the customer with a view to constant improvement. Production, distribution and assistance are directly managed by our qualified staff or thanks to suitably trained local partners. Choosing FALMACH does not just mean selecting a new supplier, but starting a partnership and constant collaboration to rethink the production area with a new and advanced concept, which improves working conditions and the final product quality.

The flagship product of the FALMACH brand is certainly the V500 extractor, a wheeled suction system with cyclone technology, equipped with a fire-fighting system. Compact, silent and reliable, as well as one of the absolute novelties in the footwear sector, V500 has a high level of automation, which guarantees high performance and maximum safety. In conditions of fire risk, a water nebuliser re-establishes the necessary humidity conditions; in case of persistence of danger, the system switches off automatically and activates an acoustic alarm. In extreme cases, an internal fire extinguisher is activated which is part of the standard equipment of the machine. Finally, the vacuum cleaner has a periodic self-cleaning system (Venturi) of the cartridge filter which cleans the dust out of the filter and reduces maintenance interventions increasing its duration.

S1200, instead, is the FALMACH multi-tool workbench with “certified and patented dust emissions”, which can be configured with carders, sealers, brushing machines and polishing tools, for sole processing. The system has suction holes, fans and nozzles to shoot air for pneumatic self-cleaning; the combination with the V500 suction protects the operator from harmful dust, ensuring maximum safety. In addition, the possibility of electric height adjustment, and the LED lighting, shift the attention of the manufacturer to the ergonomics and comfort of the workstation.

Both peripheral units communicate via ethernet or wi-fi network, with a central unit for data monitoring and logging, which are collected by the “Telemetry” remote control system. It has a dashboard with customised graphics and editing functions, real-time and historical monitoring for easy use by operators, maintenance technicians or supervisors. The Telemetry software allows you to always have the machine fleet under control and therefore to optimise their use and maintenance. In addition to the V500 vacuum cleaner and the S1200 bench, further sensors such as the Dust Sensor Tower (DST) for dust, an anemometer for the suction power, sensors for temperature/humidity or to control the level of distilled water in the tank of V500. Any anomalies can be promptly displayed by the operator, who receives alerts via text message or e-mail with information about the emergency and the machinery concerned.

To complete the FALMACH offer we also mention F300, an adaptive machine for opening-closing lasts, with a wide range of compatible joints, highly flexible, safe and practical.
And finally, the C800 dryer, a natural drying system that significantly reduces shoe processing times. Its layout is designed to save space and allow for minimum footprint on the ground.