Fainplast, orders are good with a difficult situation related to raw materials

The company, which produces plastics in granular form, a semifinished product used in a vast number of industries, has completed the new automated storage system

Fainplast, founded in 1993 by Battista Faraotti, is today one of the most innovative companies in the plastics industry. This success is the result of a costant attention to the customer’s needs together with a remarkable capacity to develop innovative solutions, consistant quality, high production capacity and flexibility. The Fainplast production plant is equipped with 20 compounding lines: 9 lines dedicated to PVC compounds and 11 lines to polyolefin-based products – last summer it was enriched with a new compactable warehouse with fully automated pallet racking, which allows the storage of almost 1500 pallets with a capacity of over 2000 tons. This solution gives the company based in Ascoli Piceno a great production capacity and high flexibility.

Fainplast booth at SIMAC 2021

“Measures that further improve our response times to customer requests – says the company during SIMAC 2021. Delivery times are certainly not easy to meet in this period of crisis in the supply systems of raw materials of which we suffer shortage, and also due to the absurd price increases”. Evatech™, the latest generation material, based on EVA (ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymer), is undoubtedly one of the most requested items in the footwear sector, designed for the moulding of expanded and cross-linked products. Materials that combine a low density with excellent physical-mechanical properties and with a pleasant touch feeling.