FAGUS the partner for all-round consulting on injection molding plants

Haymo Bertram

Fagus is ushering in a new way of relating to customers by providing them not only with molds and lasts, but also with extra services that guarantee assistance in starting injection molding plants.

The market is demanding ever lighter footwear and ever more efficient production processes, so Fagus has invested in personnel specialized in making molds for injection molding machines and with great experience particularly with Desma and Main Group machines in Germany, and able to provide assistance in starting new plants in every part of the world, from Mexico to India to Indonesia, which is receiving much of the offshoring being done by China and Vietnam at this time.

“More and more brands are looking for new production plants for their collections, but these plants cannot start up without proper training of staff. So we thought we would also provide brands with this important consulting and training service for employees”, says Haymo Bertram, sales manager at Fagus.