ESCOMAR launches the new through feed sammying machine PCR-e7

Low power consumption but great power and speed

The Escomar Italia srl, always focused and improving his through feed sammying machines for wet blue, is introducing into the market the electro-hydraulic model “PCR-e7”. Compared to previous model, the new series aims to provide customers with superior performances. The main new improvements introduced in the new model are in brief: DRYING The pressing system, completely controlled by the hydraulic unit, is able to develop a high power pressure distributed in 3 independent bridges. WORKING SPEED Thanks to the high pressure, the Escomar PCR-e7 allow to work at high speeds, with considerable production benefits. LOW ELECTRIC CONSUMPTION WITH ELECTRO-DRIVE TRANSPORT Transport speed with electric motovariator controlled by inverter, which ensures a steady and precise speed, and a remarkable reduction of electric power consumption. LOW NOISE EMISSIONS Thanks to the electro-drive system, the PCR-e7is the most low noising sammying machine at present in the market. STRETCHING Compared to the previous machines, the stretching system on the PCR-e7 has been revolutionized. OPERATIONAL New application programs allow for easy and intuitive management, and also allow a constant control of the various functions of the machine even from remote device thanks to a specific software developed by Escomar Italia.