Escomar expands its offer of electro-hydraulic sammying machines

Even smaller models will be able to be run by inverters, ensuring energy savings.

“Today all of our wet-blue sammying machines can also be supplied in an electro-hydraulic version. Therefore, the customer now has the opportunity to choose the type of power supply they prefer even on the smaller machines that were previously only hydraulic.” This is an interesting opportunity that appeals to the European market where tanneries have sufficient technological expertise and almost always prefer this type of operation also as a matter of energy saving.

Electro-hydraulic machines are in fact controlled by an inverter that adjusts current consumption depending on the “stress” of the machine, providing energy savings of 15 to 20 percent. 

“The time is now ripe to incorporate this difference in electronics, which is why we have introduced this variant on all models and no longer only on the PCR-e7, which is our top of the range.” Of course, Escomar will continue to supply the hydraulic models to those who prefer them, for example, tanneries operating in hot, tropical climates “who often fear this type of machine because of the damage that excessive humidity can cause to the electronic boards.”

Returning to the most advanced sammying machine, the PCR-e7, is designed to process whole bovine hides thanks to its large size.In addition to the aforementioned energy savings, other important performances stand out in terms of drying-possible thanks to the three powerful independent pressure bridges controlled by the hydraulic unit-as well as working speed, low noise impact and an improved ironing system. This is complemented by modern software with a simple and intuitive interface that allows access to the various working functions even remotely.

Focusing on quality and constant evolution has always been a strategy and an entrepreneurial choice for Escomar, which, thanks also to professionalism and expertise, has become a real point of reference for the national and international market.