EL.PA. Service proposes the “spray and dry” Lab machine

The F.L.L. automatic sampling Booth reproduces the entire finishing process ensuring great advantages.

At the fair EL.PA. Service presented the F.L.L. (Finish Line Lab) automatic sampling Booth designed to meet the needs of chemical laboratories and leather prototyping companies. “This versatile and compact machine mimics the entire finishing process (spraying and drying) and is an automatic alternative to the manual spray booth. The advantages? It ensures precision and speed, as well as immediate savings in time and chemical product,” owner Andrea Pegoraro tells us.

The booth is made entirely of stainless steel and it is equipped with a single rotating arm, anchored to solid trolleys with linear axes, capable of reproducing all the movements of a normal spraying booth used in finishing departments (rotary movement, linear movement with crossing option, elliptical movement). Up to 3 guns can be installed on the rotating arm, where different products can be loaded thanks to the separate tanks located near the guns, allowing significant product savings and the ability to perform the 3 key steps (Base, Back and Fixative) in a single cycle, or in case of need to schedule the laboratory for specific processes

Hides are dried using an industrial hot air drying system, placed on the same rotating arm where the guns are installed (“all in one” system). For the electronic management of the booth, a PLC equipped with the latest generation touch screen interface with integrated economizer is used, placed on a mobile arm outside the booth, where to manage and store all the samples with setup parameters (type of arm movement, suction power, atomization and color pressures, arm speed, conveyor belt speed, etc.) and eventually easily import them into an automatic spray booth in order to start production easily. “At the specific request of a customer we are working on a version with a 3400 work light to be able to process whole hides as well,” Pegoraro concludes.