De.Co Global Solution is born

CO.ME.TA.  and the alliance with Del Vecchia Group to grow in the industrial sewing machines sector for the leather goods industry.

“We have moved out of the niche,” is how Luca Sardella, owner of CO.ME.TA., begins by presenting the new product line launched at SIMAC together with Maurizio del Vecchia, president of Del Vecchia Group.

CO.ME.TA. is well known to the professionals of the industry for being the technological boutique of special sewing machines for the leather goods industry (and beyond). A research and development laboratory where craftsman needs meet innovative solutions. One of those inventors’ workshops that could only be found in Italy, the homeland of “poets, artists, heroes, saints, thinkers, scientists, sailors, emigrants ” 

The Del Vecchia Group will soon celebrate eighty years since that distant 1946 when the first of three generations of entrepreneurs in the Del Vecchia family opened the first company in Florence in the field of industrial and domestic sewing machines. A history of alliances with the most important Italian and international manufacturers of machinery and components at the service of Tuscan manufacturing but not only.

The alliance between the two companies begins by offering the market a new sewing machine model for the leather goods industry but has much larger ambitions. “Fashion companies today need continuous innovation: their manufacturing processes are in perpetual evolution because the goal of “realizing in high quality the design ideas of the most famous designers” forces them to constantly challenge themselves. And the time to introduce innovation is very short because the pace of fashion is hectic. With Luigi, we have invested to be very fast in preparing and delivering the machines and to scale our production capacity.” Maurizio Del Vecchia explains. “We have been working together for years now because our companies and even more so our characters are totally complementary. I am inventive, volcanic and sanguine. Maurizio is an extraordinary relationship person and his company has established relationships with the factories of all the biggest leather goods brands,” Luca Sardella comments.

The premises are really interesting, now the curiosity is great to find out what will be the next steps of this relationship that is not born now but from 2022 takes to shape of a joint company based in Valdarno but with the ambition to take its products all over the world.