Comelz: not just cutting

The Vigevano based company, worldwide leader in the production of cutting systems presented the evolution of the CZ PLUS, CJ series and the Aurelia software/suite cloud at Simac 2021

Comelz’s top-of-the-range CZ PLUS two-head cutting machine returns to Simac, which closes a long chapter of research projects, obtaining clear and significant results, and the CJ cutting machine, the most innovative CNC cutting machine with a fixed work area. Both include updates of the individual components: among these should be highlighted the new oscillators that manage the blade, mounted on the heads, the result of a new project that makes them significantly more productive, more suitable to satisfy the multiple material features and at the same time quiter.

CZ PLUS Versatile, flexible, with advanced technology, its sturdy construction allows for never-before-seen cutting speeds, while guaranteeing maximum performance. CZ PLUS, designed to improve the production process in the footwear, leather goods, automotive, apparel and furnishing industries, is set up to work with synthetics/fabrics (cutting single or multiple layers from rolls with multiple roll holders) and leathers, even of large dimensions. One of the innovations that can be implemented by the series is FFD – Foldable Feeding Device (Patent Pending) which from one end, makes it easier for a single operator to load the materials, while from the other end, increases productivity, thanks to the possibility of loading new material while the machine is still cutting. A couple of grippers help to align and hold the materials steady, adding precision to the cutting process. The FFD is completed by a tray with multiple roll supports, making it easier to pass from multiple layer feeding to multiple rolls. The tray and the FFD can be easily withdrawn to switch to the leather cutting mode, both with manual and automatic nesting (online/offline). Other innovative elements are the front screen or FAS – Front Active Screen (Patent Pending) which presses and holds the material to be cut in position, especially suitable for cutting synthetic materials, as well as adding excellent soundproofing of the cutting area, and the rear screen or RAS – Rear Active Screen (Patent Pending) that presses and holds the material in position, allowing the operator to access the cutting area with maximum safety, who can inspect the pieces and further improve the result of the cutting operation.

CJ CJ, a suspension bridge technology with single cutting head allows for the placement of the material – fabrics, leathers, or other non-rigid materials – on the work area, while also allowing it to hang freely from the sides. It makes safety its main strength with the adoption of a triple-protection system that includes two pairs of safety light curtains, a sliding cover and two pivotal protections.

Comelz Vision Both CZ PLUS and CJ can implement the Comelz Vision system, a technology that allows for the cutting of materials that require automatic centering like fabrics with patterns or logos, engineering mesh, and the re-cutting of pre-assembled pieces.

Aurelia The other novelty presented at Simac is Aurelia, a software/suite cloud to check the statistics of a network of machines and much more. Aurelia allows complete integration of management systems and handles the entire product life cycle as follows: importing data from the Caligola CAD software, running the automatic optimisation of nesting parameters through the use of artificial intelligence algorithms, applying simulation and cost control with the automatic updating of new projects, managing orders and generating detailed statistics and insights.