Comelz: easy technologies for demanding customers

With the RT SPREADER module, covered by industrial patents, COMELZ introduces a standard process in the preparation of mattresses.

For COMELZ it has been clear for some time now what recent market studies state: the segment of customised products according to the requests of increasingly demanding customers will represent the primary segment in the offer of machines and services for the manufacturing of the future. This is why the offer of customised solutions is one of COMELZ’s key values. On the other hand, customised solutions are often inefficient because they have to fit into production processes without slowing them down; they must not be too expensive in order to facilitate investments; and, finally, they must be easy to use to simplify their application. COMELZ has always been focussing on the development of cutting machines, and related integrated devices, which allow users – thanks to automation and the optimisation of production processes – to reduce or eliminate unnecessarily laborious and/or expensive tasks in terms of time and number of operators involved. In particular, in leather goods and footwear, preparing “mattresses” from rolls of materials is a process considered secondary, and there are no standards either in the use of means or in the definition of times. With the RT SPREADER module, covered by industrial patents, COMELZ introduces a process standard that finds positive feedback among customers who are more attentive to the production flows.

Why RT SPREADER is important
Generally, the single mattress sheets are formed starting from a roll of material sectioned into different pieces. The lining-up of the fabric piece to be cut is crucial for a correct cut and for the formation of a homogeneous multilayer. The manual alignment of the fabrics to be cut is particularly laborious and inconvenient. In fact, to be carried out correctly, it is necessary to have two operators placed on opposite sides of the spreading table. There are automatic alignment systems, practically never used in the leather goods/footwear field because they are not optimised for the spreading of a few layers of different materials and relatively short lengths. They are often discarded because they are very cumbersome, complicated and expensive and still require the constant presence of an operator.

How it works
With RT SPREADER, COMELZ offers to a single operator the possibility to align the fabric pieces unwound from a roll, acting with a simple joystick on appendages that move in a direction transverse to the roll unwind direction (previously a completely manual task). After the cutting operation of the first sheet, always one and only one operator is able to slide (manually) a new piece over the already cut sheet and proceed again to a correct alignment of this piece to be cut simply by acting on the joystick. It is also possible to operate, again using a joystick, on the positioning and rewinding of the roll using the aforementioned alignment and handling appendages, a function particularly useful in the event that, during manual spreading, the fabric is pulled excessively, as well as to eliminate creases caused by excess material.

How it is made
RT SPREADER is characterised by an ergonomic roll housing area and has been designed to simplify the loading and unloading. It includes a work table wich extends the work area and is configured to support the first unwound and then cut material. The work table can have a variable and adjustable length, and be reclining, adapting to all the dimensions of the mattresses to be prepared. The patented “drawbridge” solution is particularly noteworthy, which allows the sheet just cut to be automatically blocked, leaving the edge of the roll free, which allows an easy spreading of the following sheet. With RT SPREADER COMELZ pays attention to the particular needs of its customers, so as to accompany them towards the industry of the future.