Comec evolves the historic insole moulding machine 

The semi-automatic moulding machine mod. SPM12 is a machine to mould each type of insole of any material, and it is the result of ten years experience of the moulding machine mod. SP/99.

The moulding machine mod. SPM12 by COMEC

The work cycle of the semi-automatic moulding machine for insoles mod. SPM12 is divided in manual loading and automatic unloading, while the new position of the moulds inclined compared to the operator, makes access and visibility easier, ensuring greater safety and providing precision in the work operation. 

The correct placement is guaranteed by two moving lateral stops and one fixed on the heel easily adjustable through handwheels with position indicators.

The moulding machine mod. SPM12 consists of two press groups, right and left, that work alternately: each group is installed on two moving columns that assure the coming down of the male on the female with precision. The pressing is characterised by the special movement of the mould that allows to stop the insole before completing the pressing procedure with exact precision using traditional moulds (without the stops inside). The turning combination between male and female allow to mould the insole in a progressive way in order to avoid the appearance of wrinkles.

The processed insoles are collected from the moulds and automatically deposited on two collection belts.

The oleodynamic part comes directly from the moulding machine mod. SP/99, which has shown excellent reliability over the years. 

The machine is precise, reliable and safe with automatic unloading and it is supplied with two collecting belts for the processed pieces.