CO.ME.T. for automatic storage and mixing to feed the tanks of molding machines

The advantages of MIXING UNIT80, the automatic polyol dosing system with additives

MIXING UNIT80 is an automatic system for dosing polyol with additives, based on weight recorded by precision load cells, under controlled temperature and atmosphere, with PLC and software for formulation and recording. A centralized unit for each product (compact, single density, midsole…) including the external additive storage tank, while the polyol is fed from the line coming from the storage tank. Each component is dosed separately to increase accuracy. Mixtures up to 80 kg, to feed the tanks of molding machines with productivity up to 150 kg/h.

Automatic storage from tanker trucks allows workers to avoid contact with the products and preserve their health. In addition, temperature-controlled storage enables better quality at the production stage and substantial energy savings by eliminating the need for ovens. Receiving the material by tanker truck makes it possible to dispense with drums: the waste of residual material in drums and the disposal phase of drums is avoided. It also avoids the need for the operator to breathe in chemicals during processing when the drum is open. A level of automation that is perfectly compatible with the company’s 4.0 management.