CBC s.r.l., technology that helps the environment

Patented solutions customised to the customer’s needs allow not only to better satisfy the market, but also to save on consumption and prevent waste.

For CBC s.r.l. operating in line with the circular economy paradigm is an essential goal. For some time now, the company has been working to reduce its environmental impact on the planet, minimising the waste of components and raw materials, managing its own waste sorting, and introducing new energy-efficient machinery into the company’s production cycle.

Not only the company but also the products tell the story of the green vision of CBC s.r.l. The construction of the Perseo automated warehouse, in fact, follows two clear design guidelines aimed at customer satisfaction, but also at protecting the environment: to ensure a long life cycle of the warehouse itself and a reduced environmental impact in terms of resource consumption. The Perseo warehouse, for example, boasts a very low energy consumption (about 1 Kw), also thanks to the patented matrix system that, unlike other solutions allows only handling what is necessary for the production process.

Another important aspect of the CBC s.r.l. philosophy worth noting is the customisation of each project, which allows producing only what is necessary and actually required by the market. “Our first machine was built in 2013 from the request of a manufacturer of rubber soles. Since then, we have been designing and building customised warehouses, with solutions and accessories conceived from the needs of our customers in order to respect their working method and not vice versa,” said the company based in Prato. A focus that not only makes the customer happy, but also reduces waste.