Simac Tanning Tech was not just an opportunity for international visitors and delegations to learn about the innovations presented by companies, but also to live other high-level business and training experiences.

Simac Tanning Tech is the reference point for international mechanics, an unmissable appointment for operators in the leather sector since 1973. The qualified offer of machinery and technologies for the footwear, leather goods and tanning industries has always been accompanied by a wide range of important initiatives. An event that has not just been supported by the entrepreneurial fabric, which today in times of pandemic, had the courage more than ever to return to the field for a new kick-off, but also by the world of institutions.

“We consider Simac Tanning Tech an excellence of the excellence, as it is the main representative fair of the leather processing, footwear and tanning industry, as known an integral part of the broader mechanical sector and the first voice of our export and pride of Made in Italy in the world”, said Manlio di Stefano, Undersecretary of State at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation. The Councilor for Economic Development of the Lombardy Region, Guido Guidesi, said instead: “The Lombardy Region has always considered events and fairs to be an integral part of the production chain. Simac Tanning Tech represents yet another sign of the challenge won by those who believed in the restart of the exhibition sector”.

Last but not least, ITA-Agenzia which has established a consolidated and very effective collaboration with Simac Tanning Tech. Also this year it worked to bring to the fair a large delegation of international operators from strategic markets for the sector. “It is an important moment for the restart of the sector, but also for the restart of our exports”, said Carlo Maria Ferro, president of ICE Agenzia. “The economic data are positive and Italian exports are already above pre-Covid levels. Thanks to the tenacity of Italian companies and the Nation’s System, represented by the foreign network of Embassies and ITA Agenzia, we are already seeing the results of this restart today. But we can do even more and fairs are a fundamental tool for doing this. Italy is confirmed to be the second largest exporter worldwide and the first supplier in many countries and this demonstrates the excellence that international trade fairs such as Simac Tanning Tech promote”. ITA Agenzia’s willingness to support the event has materialised with the incoming of foreign delegations: 65 operators from 11 countries. To which was added the collaboration with ASSOMAC to develop the Smart365 web platform and the ‘Simac Tanning Tech 2021’ web APP. Since the delegations present at the fair mainly came from the Mediterranean basin and continental Europe, Simac Tanning Tech decided not to lose contact with other countries as well and, therefore, always in collaboration with the various ITA Agenzia offices around the world, it took advantage of the event’s APP and advanced features to invite these countries to interact with exhibitors online.

During the days of the fair, many other initiatives were also activated, including the space called “Innovation Corner”, conceived as an open innovation environment to show visitors studies and solutions for the manufacturing industry that fully integrate the innovative technologies of Industry 4.0 for a greater sustainability, safety, energy efficiency and optimisation of production waste. In particular, the space was dedicated to 4 themes of great relevance and interest.

But as everyone has been knowing for some time, none of these initiatives are enough to bear fruit. You also need to be good at communicating. Simac Tanning Tech has therefore not just decided to invest in traditional types of communication, but also to invite 6 journalists from England, Russia, Colombia and Turkey. Together with them and the magazines that have been attending the fair for years, the organisers wish to establish a fruitful collaboration in order to offer greater visibility to the exhibition itself and the innovations presented.