Bauce’s sammying machine now has 4 blade cylinders

The new system promotes increased leather yield and drying quality.

Bauce presented some improvements to its through feed setting out and sammying machine for dyed leathers in the MVC-4S Versus DR version. A machine distinguished by doubling the number of blade cylinders from two to four. Specifically, the machine mounts 2 incoming blade cylinders and 2 outgoing blade cylinders plus 1 heated (or rubberized) cylinder.

 “A novelty that together with the new design of the blades allows for a 2-3% increase in leather opening compared to the standard two-cylinder version,” explain from Bauce, a leading company in technologies for sammying and drying leather. “Another interesting result given by the double-cylinder system is a higher shine effect on the leather; in addition, the two output cylinders go to eliminate any marks left by the felt on the leather, offering a higher final quality.” Also important to point out is that the new electric motorization enables significant savings in energy consumption (-20 percent) and also in maintenance and oil consumption (-75 percent). The machine carries the company brand ECOPROCESS, which marks the most sustainable models designed by the Veneto-based company, which also boasts Assomac’s Green Plate certification in this area. 

Much interest at the Bauce stand was also generated by the Bauce RM brand line of machines. Officine RM is a historic brand in the sector that was taken over three years ago by Bauce, which moved its production inside its headquarters in Trissino (VI). “At Tanning Tech we exhibited a traditional manual sammying machine, which is ideal for tanneries that do not have high production.” The Bauce RM sammying machine is a simple and robust machine but technologically up-to-date and in line with Industry 4.0 requirements.