Automated assembly island for safety shoes by Elettrotecnica B.C.

For the first time Elettrotecnica BC presents at Simac and A+A, a fully automated machine system for the assembly of a safety shoe, thanks to the use of a robotic arm.

The BCROBOT is specially designed to perform the assembly and carding of a SAFETY shoe in full autonomy, assisted by a machine system to which it is connected, such as the lasting machine 710SF and the fireproofed sanding machine 88N. The automated process presents, as perfectly evident, the possibility of carrying out continuously a good number of operations and applying the same precision for each step.

Let’s see in detail what it is able to do, following the indications for a possible standard process, provided by Elettrotecnica BC based in Vigevano. The operator, after having carried out the pre-stretching of the upper thanks to the machine mod. 663, which also allows you to check any defects or stains on the leather, positions and fixes the toe cap and then entrusts the dressed last to the machine used for the humidification phase. At this point the model enters the automated island and is taken over by the robotic arm BCROBOT which is able to take the sample from the humidifier MOD. 269W, insert the shoe into the lasting machine MOD. 710SF and then pick it up again and carry out a carding process. Finally, the cycle ends when the robotic arm deposits the upper in the chiller for the cold setting through a chilling process. At that point, a second operator will be able to take back the pre-assembled shoe, free it from the last, and pass it on to the injection phase. An effective and efficient automated process made possible thanks to the Industry 4.0 devices present on all machines, which allow Elettrotecnica BC to make the machines communicate with the robotic arm in perfect synchrony. What are the main advantages of adopting a system configured this way? The main one consists in being able to complete the footwear processes of the upper on the last, toe cap insertion, shoe humidification, shoe assembly, bottom carding and cold setting with only two operators.