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Traceability in the Leather Value Chain (Alis by CTC)

Since 1899, CTC has been supporting all players of the leather industry through a multitude of services.

CTC has been working on leather traceability technologies for more than 20 years and has developed a simple and reliable traceability system to ensure individual traceability from raw hide to wet blue (or wet white) and even finish leather. Come to our work shop and discover CTC global solution, named ALIS for Automatic Leather Identification System. You will be introduced to our marking & reading solutions for full traceability

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ALIS Marking is the first step. It is a marking process to transfer the unique identification number attributed to the animal onto the hide. This is done thanks to a CO 2 gas laser system that engraves the core of the hide in real time. The marking has been designed to withstand the leather transformation process. This solution is patented in Europe

ALIS Reading, is the second step. The goal here is to allow the reading of the identification number engraved onto the hide, in real time, despite the deformations induced by the tanning process. This system can be installed on a sorting stage, or on a conveyor belt at any step of the tanning process. This solution uses algorithms based on artificial intelligence to ensure the reliability of the system. This solution is also patented in Europe.

Come and learn more about our strategical ALIS Marking and ALIS Reading traceability solution already implemented in France for 5 years to ensure the French calf traceability!


Paul D'Arras

Innovation project manager at CTC