Assomac Talks

Technology and sourcing in a post-globalization era: insights on Euro-Asia leather and footwear production chains

After 20 years of progressive and constant globalization that has made the leather and footwear industry increasingly international, the last two years have represented a real discontinuity.

Many wonders if this is a parenthesis or the beginning of a real change in sourcing processes and in the organization of supply chains. The changes taking place are both on the supply side (increase in logistics costs, technological changes in processes, digitalization in the development of products and prototypes) and on the demand side (reduction of costs to face inflation, greater flexibility in supplies, lead time reduction, country risk differentiation). In this scenario, it is necessary to understand how the supply chains are organizing themselves to respond to the new challenges: how has the relationship with the customer changed, how have the needs of the market changed and what new processes / technologies are needed to respond to these changes? These issues are discussed by representatives of important producing countries in the leather and footwear supply chain.


Lt Col Ahmed Fawad Farooq

Secretary General of Pakistan Footwear Manufacturers Association

Berke Icten

President of Turkish Footwear Association

Eddy Widjanarko

Chairman Indonesian Footwear Association


William Wong

Founder / Chairman of the Federation of Hong Kong Brands
Vice President ofHong Kong Footwear Association