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Sustainability, sourcing and technology: the challanges for the leather and footwear supply chains

Sustainability is one of the most discussed issues in the fashion industries and in particular in the leather-footwear industry.

The advancement of new generations (Y and Z in particular) new reference values have helped to promote the culture of sustainability and some companies have already taken this path for several years. Sustainability, however, is a complex process that requires common standards, practices that often involve several operators in the supply chain, and above all new technologies. How are the leather and footwear supply chains preparing for the new challenges?


Edoardo Iannuzzi

Chief Sustainability Officer at ACBC

Edoardo Iannuzzi is a startupper and industrial designer focused on developing positive change in fashion. Professor for Sustainable Fashion at Politecnico di Milano, where he graduated as Industrial Designer, and Founder in 2017 of ACBC, Anything Can Be Changed, a footwear brand startup with a mindset of 2030 and with the vision to transform the industry of fashion with green innovations.

Fernando Bellese

Chief Sustainability Officer at Prime ASIA

Fernando Bellese an exceptionally resourceful, enthusiastic, and seasoned sustainability and marketing executive, bringing an over 15-year record of achievement in the development of strategic national and international initiatives in challenging and competitive environments. Fernando consistently and effectively leads marketing and business development initiatives, while strengthening company’s positioning through the development of sustainable practices, and detailed reporting metrics.


Enrico Cietta

CEO, Diomedea

Enrico Cietta, economist, has been involved in strategic research and consultancy in the fashion sector and creative industries for over 20 years. He has written several books which have been published in various countries around the world on the subject of business management and production/distribution chains. He has taught at Bocconi University, the Catholic University of Milan, and the Sole 24 Ore business school. He is now one of the leading experts in Fashion Economics and has devised the HCP (Hybrid Creative Products) theory which was the basis for his activity as a lecturer and consultant for small, medium and large companies in more than 20 countries.

Matteo Pasca

Direttore Generale, Arsutoria School

Matteo Pasca is CEO of Edizioni AF, the B2B publishing house leader in the field of shoes, bags and tannery. Managing director of Arsutoria School the international training institute located in the center town of Milan, with an internal training factory, that organizes courses on design, engineering and manufacturing of footwear and leather goods. Engineer by background, proud to have been part of Arthur Andersen in the organization and technology consulting practice, attended an MBA in general management, and landed in this field for love.