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Pandemic and post-pandemic sourcing in USA market: what has changed in large retailers’ strategies

FDRA is the footwear industry’s business and trade association

Founded in 1944, FDRA is governed and directed by footwear executives and is the only trade organization focused solely on the footwear industry. It serves the full footwear supply chain and boosts the bottom lines of its members through innovative products, training and consulting on footwear design and development, sourcing and compliance, trade and customs, advocacy, and consumer and sales trend analysis for retailers selling shoes around the world. FDRA also runs the footwear industry’s weekly podcast Shoe-In Show featuring leading footwear executives and experts discussing key business trends.


Matt Priest

President and CEO of FDRA

Matt Priest is president and CEO of Footwear Distributors and Retailers of America (FDRA), the largest and most effective footwear association in the United States. In this role, Matt is responsible for the day-to-day operations of FDRA, ensuring that the association meets and exceeds its goal of being the footwear industry's trade and business association. He also directs the operations of the vital Fashion Footwear Association of New York (FFANY), leading four interactive footwear markets in New York throughout the year.