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The Argentine footwear industry has approximately 1,200 factories, predominantly SMEs. These firms employ more than 50,000 people directly and indirectly and are located mainly in Greater Buenos Aires, the City of Buenos Aires, and the Provinces of Córdoba and Santa Fe. The value chain also involves footwear manufacturers, industry suppliers, tanneries, textile and synthetic suppliers, suppliers of accessories, among others, and the marketing chain.


The Centre for the Brazilian Tanning Industry (CICB) has been working as the official representative body of all Brazilian tanners for 60 years, defending and promoting the sector in the domestic and international markets. The entity pursues the sustainable growth of the segment, while maintaining high standards of professional qualification, health and safety and technological improvement.


Founded in 1988,with more than 1200 members, China Leather Industrial Association (CLIA) is a national trans-regional and cross-sectoral organization related to leather,footwear,leather garments,leather goods,fur and fur products, leather chemicals, leather machinery, leather hardware and other relative sectors.The members of CLIA consists of enterprises, universities, scientific research institutes,trading agencies and individuals.


With over 60 years of history, the Hong Kong manufacturers played a significant role in global footwear industry with its unique ability and advanced advantage. In order to promote the capability of Hong Kong footwear value chain to overseas market, Hong Kong Footwear Association Limited has successfully applied the SME Development Fund to commence a project titled “To explore trade opportunities for Hong Kong footwear SMEs in potential markets in The Belt and Road”, which is funded by Trade and Industry Department of HKSAR Government.


Red de Inversiones y Exportaciones (REDIEX) is a vice-ministry dependent on the Ministry of Industry and Commerce, created by the Executive Power, to implement the NATIONAL EXPORT PLAN, through networking with all the key actors of the Government, Business, Universities and Civil Society Organizations, with the vision that exporting and attracting investment are the most effective tools to achieve the economic and social development of Paraguay.


APICCAPS – Portuguese Footwear, Components, Leather Goods Manufacturers’ Association - is a nation-wide association based in Porto, founded in 1975 and representing the following business sectors: - Footwear industry - Footwear components industry - Leather goods industry (bags, wallets, gloves, belts, etc.) - Equipment for the above mentioned sectors APICCAPS also relies on the participation, as contributing members, of companies whose area of activity is related to the sectors that it represents. The organization aims to promote the development of the sectors it represents and those of its 700 members.

South Africa

The South African Footwear and Leather Export Council was officially recognized and registered by the Department of Trade, Industry & Competition as a Section 21 Company (not for gain) in March 2001. Our offices are situated in Westville, Durban. As the export council nominated for the Footwear and Leather Goods Industry, SAFLEC is committed to contributing to the development of South African Economy, job creation and business growth, through encouraging the Internationalisation of South African businesses. SAFLEC is mandated to grow exports through promotional activities, innovation, competition & sustainability.

United States

Founded in 1944, FDRA is governed and directed by footwear executives and is the only trade organization focused solely on the footwear industry. It serves the full footwear supply chain and boosts the bottom lines of its members through innovative products, training and consulting on footwear design and development, sourcing and compliance, trade and customs, advocacy, and consumer and sales trend analysis for retailers selling shoes around the world. FDRA also runs the footwear industry’s weekly podcast Shoe-In Show featuring leading footwear executives and experts discussing key business trends.