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CTC’s innovative tests methods

Come to our work shop and discover “CTC living lab & innovative tools”

Since 1899, the CTC has been supporting all players of the leather industry through a multitude of services. CTC’s innovation department has been working for some years on several innovation projects allowing to carry out quality tests as close as possible to a human product use.

Indeed, CTC is equipped with a biomechanical laboratory, “the living lab” with various tools: instrumented treadmills, motion capture, accelerometers, EMG, power platform etc…

These tools and CTC expertise allow to analyze the performance of different products (footwear or leather goods) when they are used. CTC platform allows to benchmark different product designs in order to highlight the most relevant product for a given use.

CTC biomechanical platform, the «living lab», also permits to recover trajectories and efforts related to the real use of leather goods. These parameters are then transmitted to a robotic cell developed by CTC. This robotic cell tests products in an accelerated way during these situations of use.
You will finally be introduced to “CTC walking and running simulator”.
Indeed, thanks to its biomechanical platform CTC developed this special machine. Biomechanical parameters are entered into the machine and the machine is running, while measuring technical parameters of the shoe, using the product in the same way as if carried by a human. This unique system is patented.

Come and learn more about CTC innovations which enable accelerated comparison of different uses of products or designs. Learn how shoe and leather goods manufacturers use CTC innovative tools to accelerate the process of product development in the face of ever-increasing collection and development rates


Louis Valantin

Head of Innovative Technologies department