Ares goes electric with its new travelling head cutting machine

It is called E21G – Green Power, the die-cutting machine of the Vigevano based company which respects the environment, the operators’ health, ensuring cutting precision as well as low maintenance.

The perfect solution to respect the environment and to meet the requests of brands who increasingly want to create work environments that respect operators. In fact, the E21G – Green Power machine has low CO2 emissions, low electrical consumption, 75% lower than a traditional hydraulic die-cutting machine (2.5 kw per day against 11 kw).

Even noise emissions in the operating phase are equal to 0 decibels and are limited only in the fraction of a second during the cutting phase. Also safety comes first: every part of the machine is shielded so that there is no potential for injury to the operator. A machine that has been set up for industry 4.0. It can memorise up to 100 dies, combined with the respective power to be applied, as well as memorise the quantity already cut and to be cut, so as to be able to better and flexibly manage even mixed processes that require frequent die changes. A connected machine that can manage remote assistance and maintenance, even though, being electric, periodic maintenance is reduced. The obsessive attention to detail available to this machine is highlighted by some particularities, such as free access to the worktop, the integrated die-holder drawer, object holders that facilitate operators to position their daily work tools.