Alen further improves the quality control of leathers and strengthens the moccasin press

The new version of the SA 82 2P moccasin press combines manual skills and automatism for more flexible processing, while the new 4D Vision solution of the AL16 facilitates the identification of leather defects

The ALEN SA 82 2P is a machine with two operating heads, built to meet the needs of those shoe factories which, due to reduced production, consider four-head machines to be excessive. A machine that allows you to directly work in the conveyor. By ironing one by one, it gives the operator time to put on the ironed uppers in their respective plastic shapes. The machine is also very simple to use and highly reliable, the air consumption and its overall dimensions are very low. To all these advantages, today a further important improvement has been added to its automatic version: the possibility to rotate the shoe manually so as to allow the operator to directly act on the piece with the hammer. This gives you a double advantage: the flexibility of the workmanship of a manual moccasin press, combined with the comfort and precision of its automatic version.

The leather pulling machine AL16, aimed at quality control, is enriched with a new system defined by the Montegranaro based company as ‘4D Visual System’, which consists in the presence of a mobile arch that further pulls the leather and works along its whole roller length, stretching the entire leather surface in every direction and allowing you to check more precisely leather defects at every point. An important implementation that completes a machine with already very important qualities. Thanks to the preventive analysis of material defects, it is, in fact, able to increase the quality of the cut and, consequently, to improve the general production quality by 30%. A system that ensures a 90% reduction of defects that otherwise would be highlighted during the assembly phase. Its more ergonomic structure, combined with the new arch system, considerably facilitates the quality control of leathers.